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North Tyneside Council unveils Neat Streets: a new £1.5m strategy for cleaner, greener, safer neighbourhoods

North Tyneside Council is investing £1.5 million over the next two years, to make neighbourhoods in the borough cleaner, greener, and safer.

Estates will receive more attention than ever before, with more patrols, clean-ups, and visits from the council’s environmental hit squads.

The scheme will see new staff, vehicles and equipment deployed across North Tyneside, with a special focus on keeping housing estates, open spaces, town centres and the coastline neat and tidy.   

Staff will pay special attention to areas where environmental concerns have been raised, and estate-based community protection officers will work to combat antisocial behaviour.

A digital reporting system will make it easier for residents to report issues such as dog fouling, fly-tipping, and graffiti, and there will be extra support for council tenants to dispose of waste. QR codes will be attached to bins, so it’s simpler and quicker for residents to report issues. This better use of data will help prevent issues happening again.

New teams are focussing on weed removal and tackling litter, and three new pedestrian street sweepers have been added to keep footpaths clear of litter, in addition to ride-on grass-cutters.

North Tyneside’s Elected Mayor, Dame Norma Redfearn DBE, pledged to take action after she spoke to residents and heard their priorities for cleaner, greener, safer communities.

She said: “We recognise the unique needs and challenges faced by different neighbourhoods and we have spoken to residents to understand their priorities for clean and safe communities. We are proud to be a council that cares about, and listens to, our residents.

“As a result of those conversations, we have enhanced our services and committed more resources, expertise and support, directly into our housing estates. We want to keep standards high, make improvements, and create a sense of ownership and collective pride among our residents. This is proof that when we hear your concerns and spot something is not right, we take action.

“This will be a fantastic new initiative that will help us to address some of the daily environmental challenges we face in and around our housing estates, and tackle some of the more persistent issues as well.”

Councillor Hannah Johnson, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Neat Streets represents a big push to reinvigorate our communities – and the borough as a whole – and to enhance the wellbeing of our residents.

“Where something isn’t right, we will have staff on the ground to tackle it, including environmental crimes, dog fouling, fly tipping and antisocial behaviour. And residents will find it easier than ever before to report issues when they arise. We will make better use of what you tell us, to spot trends and prevent issues from recurring in future.”

Key elements of the initiative include:

100 new bins placed at littering hotspots across the borough

New pedestrian road sweepers and ride-on grass-cutters to maintain standards

Six dedicated Estate Management Teams working to improve the cleanliness and overall appearance of neighbourhoods, who work fleixbly and target areas based on need.

Two Estate Community Protection Officers to provide support and counteract anti-social behavior, in addition to the work already being done by the council’s Community and Public Space Protection Team. 

Digital reporting using QR codes attached to bins, making it easier for residents to report issues. This better use of data will help prevent issues happening again.

The strategy includes the strategic deployment of 22 new neighbourhood officers, three neighbourhood managers, and a supervisor ensuring comprehensive oversight.