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We believe that everybody has a different level of ability but everyone can turn up with the same integrity, work ethic and positive attitude.

We accept and value that you have a life. We know that the radio station comes second to that.

We want you to do the job you want to do plus a job we need you too. For every hour that you can contribute for your own gain, please give us one back.

Your role is important to you – and us – but there is no place for you if you do not see yourself as part of the whole.

We respect data privacy issues of our consumers too, according to the legislation of the day.

We are a Community Interest Company which means everything we do is for the community and a not for profit organisation. That does not mean that individuals cannot be recompensed financially. Indeed, there are rewards. It recognises that Ofcom, PRS & PPL the regulator, demands sustainability is key.

Naturally, we encourage and subscribe to the principles of Equal Opportunities.

We do not tolerate anti-substantial behaviour whether it be substance abuse or poor colleague relations. Importantly, we ask that you pay for and present a DBS certificate to us, which is on the DBS update service should you wish to be involved. This is part of the interview & induction process.

You will understand that this is absolutely essential in today’s world. If you cannot gain one and wish to make a case for yourself, then we will happily listen.

Finally, whether you are on or off air, we must remind you that you are bound by the same Code of Conduct as every broadcaster in the UK. If you broadcast with us on Radio Shields, you are bound by Ofcom’s rules. You play by the same parameters as all of the big names you listen too.

Radio Shields NE reserves the right to accept or decline any volunteer’s application even on acceptance and can terminate any volunteer’s position without explanation at any time.

If you are happy with all of this please send us your application form and DBS if you have not already done so.

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    We are very interested in people who have experience of volunteering (much more than radio experience). Do you have any previous voluntary or community experience (NOT RADIO RELATED)?

    We are always interested in people who have time to give to help with fundraising, promotion, training, etc. do you have experience of this?

    Please give details of TWO references (known in a professional capacity is preferred, i.e. employer, teacher etc). Please give name, postal address, and telephone number (if available)