Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Local Service Raising Funds For “Street Smart Project”

Captain’s Day celebrated at South Shields Golf Club today saw local service SURT raising money for the “SURT Street Smart Project” – a social action project designed to deter local children and young people away from criminal activities. The project aims to specifically engage individuals who have the potential to be led into anti social behaviour, crime and who are at increased risk of criminal exploitation.

The project will deliver specialist education sessions to learn about the impact of crime, anti social behaviour and the impact upon them and their communities. Additionally, opportunities to “pay forward” and boost their confidence and self esteem will be provided.

SURT was founded in 2020, when an increase in abuse in relationships was noticed. Their core values revolve around social justice, unity, respect and trustworthiness. They offer help to children and young people, 11-24, in order to ensure they recognise unsafe and unhealthy relationships, and provide support during and after exiting abusive relationships safely. The charity is managed by Leanne Hansen and Claire Amans, both of which have years of experience in aiding young people who have experienced violence and exploitation.

Also working to help young people within the organisation are “steering supporters,” young people who massively influence Claire and Leanne in what they do, providing a voice for young people within the community. One of these supporters, Molly, will be reviewing the educational program this year, given to parents, carers and communities to help develop safer environments. She wishes to let people know they are not alone, and encourages them to reach out.

Another steering supporter, Em, has been in her position for a year, achieving great things including being involved in the MIST Project, promoting music as therapy for trauma, and is currently getting involved in the Street Smart Project as well. Em said that being a steering support worker has “opened her eyes” to unsafe situations which she now feels more aware of, and thanks to SURT, her confidence has been massively boosted.

To find out more about SURT, you can visit their Facebook and their website: