South Tyneside Pledge

Radio Shields is proud to suport the South Tyneside Pledge.


Help South Tyneside thrive by signing up to the South Tyneside Pledge.

This Pledge is for all organisations in South Tyneside, big or small, public or private.

The aim is for South Tyneside organisations to commit to taking small steps to:

  • boost local economic activity
  • reduce health inequalities
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • enhance civic pride

This will benefit the whole of South Tyneside.

The South Tyneside Partnership will:

  • champion and monitor the Pledge
  • share best practice
  • provide advice, guidance and support to those signing up.

What the pledge is

The Pledge aims to encourage South Tyneside organisations to focus on local activities and practical steps such as local procurement and recruitment, that can help South Tyneside to thrive.

The Pledge does not involve targets or difficult reporting, or an obligation to carry out every step in the Pledge.

It is based on the sharing of best practice, and a form being returned by those signing up every six months.

Spend South Tyneside

Spend South Tyneside by aiming to:

  • Increase the proportion of procurement spending in South Tyneside and the wider area and, if relevant, explore joint procurement and commissioning.
  • Support South Tyneside small businesses to bid for opportunities with larger organisations.
  • Encourage employees to spend, shop and eat in South Tyneside, and visit and engage with our attractions.

Recruit South Tyneside

Recruit South Tyneside by aiming to:

  • Hire more South Tyneside residents, advertise jobs locally and take action on gender pay gaps.
  • Provide job opportunities, apprenticeships or career guidance to local residents, with a real focus upon Care Leavers, carers and those with learning difficulties.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and sign up for the Better Health at Work Award.

Support South Tyneside

Support South Tyneside by aiming to:

  • Encourage employees to volunteer with South Tyneside organisations.
  • Implement a climate change action plan that includes carbon reduction targets and the use of environmentally-sustainable supply chains.
  • Use our green spaces and cultural offer.

To find out more or to sign up to South Tyneside Pledge Click Here