Local News from North & South Tyneside

Great North Run – South Tyneside

The Great North Run takes place in Newcastle, Gateshead and South Tyneside today Sunday 10 September 2023.

A HUGE good luck to all runners and a big thank you to the fantastic crowds who line the roads cheering the runners on their way.

South Tyneside cannot wait to see you at the finish line!

Road closures and times – Sunday 10 September

  • A194 (M) will be temporarily closed from the Whitemare Pool Interchange to the (A1300) John Reid Road roundabout between 9.45am and 4pm
  • John Reid Road and Prince Edward Road (A1300) will be temporarily closed to the Redwell Lane / Coast Road (A183) roundabout between 9.45am and 4pm
  • Coast Road (A183) will be temporarily closed from Redwell Lane to Mowbray Road between 8am and 5.30pm
  • Coast Road (A183) will also be temporarily closed northbound only from Marsden Rock to Redwell Lane between 2pm and 5.30pm
  • Bents Park Road from Mowbray Road and Sea Way will be temporarily closed between 2.45am and 5.30pm

Parking restrictions

There will be restrictions in place between 11am on Saturday 9 September and 6pm on Sunday 10 September.

No vehicle (except a vehicle being used for emergency purposes or managing the event) should wait, load, or unload in:

  • River Drive – South side from a point 190 metres east of its junction with Mile End Road in an easterly direction for 112 metres
  • Pier Parade – Both sides for its entire length
  • Seafield Terrace – East side For its entire length
  • Beach Road – Both sides from its junction with Seaview Terrace eastwards for 180 metres
  • Bents Park Road – Both sides foror its entire length
  • Coast Road – West side from its junction with Prince Edward Road East Roundabout southwards for 453 metres
  • Lizard Lane – From its junction with Mowbray Road Roundabout southwards for 485 metres
  • Coast Road – Both sides from its junction with Redwell Lane Roundabout southwards for 145 metres
  • Kitchener Road – Both sides for its entire length
  • Mill Lane – Both sides from a point 178 metres north of Kitchener Lane southwards for 260 metres
  • Shearwater – South side from its junction with Mill Lane westwards for 150 metres
  • White Rocks Grove – Both sides from its junction with Shearwater southwards for 25 metres

The restrictions only apply at such times and to such extent as they may from time to time be indicated by the display of traffic signs.

These restrictions are necessary to make sure the roads along the Great North Run competitor bus routes are kept clear of parked vehicles to allow the area to be accessed in a safe environment and for the safety of those taking part in the event. 

During the above road closures, no cars will be allowed to turn left from:

  • Harbour View to River Drive
  • Access road between Harbour View to River Drive and Boat Club
  • Harbour Drive North car park to Harbour Drive Sandhaven Hotel access road
  • Pier Head car park to Harbour Drive
  • South Promenade North car park to Sea Road
  • Marsden Rattler car park to Sea Road
  • South Promenade South car park to Sea Road
  • Bents Park Recreation Ground to Bents Park
  • Sandy Chare, Whitburn to Front Street (B1299), Whitburn

During the above road closures, no cars will be allowed to turn right from:

  • Dragon car park to Sea Road
  • Bents Park Recreation Ground to Sea Road (South East exit)
  • Chesterton Road to John Reid Road
  • Perth Avenue to John Reid Road

Great North Run: Travel information

If you are travelling to South Tyneside to take part in, or support those taking part in the Great North Run, you may find the following information useful to help with your travel plans.

Some roads in the area are closed to allow the Run to take place but they are quickly re-opened as the race passes by.

Due to the high volume of people travelling there are also likely to be some delays on public transport.

If you are planning on driving, please do not rely on using satnav devices as they will not know what roads have been closed.

We would suggest after the run to let the traffic pass and have a bite to eat at one of our restaurants or enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the seafront pubs.

You can view the route map by clicking here

Radio Shields will be at the event and a programme called “The Finish line – Great North Run” with Phil Wilson and reporters Martin Haskin and Kyle Scott will be at the finish line. This programme will air LIVE from 3pm on Sunday.