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New CEO for South Tyneside Charity Hospitality and Hope

South Tyneside Charity Hospitality and Hope has welcomed Peter Maloney on board as the new CEO with plans to drive the charity forward in 2024.

Peter who sat on the Board Of Trustees for the charity took over the role of CEO following former CEO, Brian Thomas who took early retirement.

Leading up to his new appointment, Peter was out of work after taking his redundancy from Vodafone.

Peter who has always worked in big telecoms companies was looking for a new opportunity and a chance to make a difference and was thrilled to be offered the role following a successful application.

Looking ahead to 2024 he has some ambitious plans for Hospitality and Hope – South Tyneside’s leading food insecurity, homelessness and community wellbeing charity.

The charity will look to open up a third community shop, alongside current shops in Tyne Dock and Horsley Hill.

The community shops provide people with items to top up their weekly food shop and items that can help make them a meal to see them through the week. For £4 shoppers can get a basket of items which would cost around £20.

The charity will work with South Tyneside Council and other organizations to asses which area of the borough is most in need.

The charity has extended its partnership with The Andrews Group, which is located across from Chichester Metro, operating as a volunteer-led shop, which sells clothing items for all ages for as little as 50p, as well as providing certain items completely free of charge including school uniforms.

Peter has also said the charity will enhance its wellbeing activities helping to engage with more members of the community by providing a number of groups.

A further priority for 2024 is the acquiring of a further move on premise to increase and broaden the impact on the reduction of homelessness within South Tyneside.

You can find out more about the charity by visiting their website