Our Team

Ever wondered who is behind the microphone? This page will tell you a little bit about our presenters and the show that they do. Simply click on the links below on the show you want to learn more about.

To speak to a member of the board of directors or the senior management team you can do this by emailin admin@affinitymedia.uk or admin@radioshields.co.uk or admin@radioshields.co.uk FAO The board of directors. You can find out more about our Management team by visiting our parent organisation Affinity Media.

Our Presenters & Hosts

To email one of our presenters you can try firstname@radioshields.co.uk or firstname.lastname@radioshields.co.uk

Martin graduated in Journalism from Northumbria University in 2014. Prior to this he worked as an advocate for people with mental health issues, and chaired a group called Consensus, which was aimed at improving services for people experiencing mental health problems. He has always loved dogs and goes for regular walks at various locations in South Shields
David is on-air Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 10am.
Gavin is on-air Mondays 8pm, Thursdays 1pm & Fridays 10am.
Michael is on-air Tuesday Night’s 8pm.
Stephen is on-air Sunday Night’s from 8pm.
Join Kev on-air every Tuesday and Thursday Afternoon from 3pm.
Sean & Kathleen are on-air Wednesday’s 8pm and throughout the weekend with their famous “Gig Guide”
Simon is on-air Saturdays 9pm with his Weekend Anthems.
Lee is on-air Saturdays from 4pm with Dance Party Weekly.
Phil is on-air weekend breakfast from 7am.
Gary has his weekly dose of Blast to the 80’s 90’s and 00’s Saturdays at 3pm and you may hear him through the week.
Brian is on-air Sundays 8pm.
Ella is one of our latest new voices and is on-air every Sunday from 1pm.
Jess is onair Monday and Thursday from 7pm.
Dom presents The Saturday Morning show and is on-air Saturdays from 10am.
Amelia is on-air Monday Night’s from 7pm alongside Jess,
Jackson and Lucy host the Platonic Radio Show and is on-air Fridays from 7pm.
Lucille is our yiungest member of Radio Shields and hosts Youth Voice on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm.
Hope is on-air with The Morning Show on a Monday, Wednesday and Sunday morning with Showbiz.
Ellie looks after everything online. Website and Social Media.
Andy is on-air Friday Night’s from 8pm & Saturday Night’s 9pm with his House Party Anthems.
Sarah is a cover presenter and is normally on-air on a Saturday afternoon during the school holidays.
Angela is on-air every Wednesday evening from 7pm with her Wellbeing Wednesday.
Stephen hosts our musical theatre programme and is on-air Sundays at 7pm.
Kyle is the Managing Director and he presents The Big Ride Home on Radio Shields. Weekdays from 4pm.
Jason is on-air every Sunday from 4pm with The Massive 40!
Daniel leads our Community Outreach and is currently preparing for a NEW project!

Platonic with Jackson and Lucy

Fridays 7pm

Youth Voice with Jess & Rose

Tuesdays 7pm