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Start their forever today with Adopt North East

More than 20 children are counting down the days they will have to wait to be adopted as part of a loving forever family.

Adopt North East has issued a fresh call for adopters in the region, launching a campaign to encourage more residents to consider adopting.

The children waiting for a home include a number of sibling groups and the regional adoption agency is looking for families who can care for brothers and sisters together.

The message of the campaign is simple – children in the North East are waiting right now to be adopted.  

One local couple who spoke of their experience adopting siblings: “Siblings share a bond with each other that we as parents simply can’t. Seeing tender moments between them is amazing. Life is an adventure and it’s so reassuring to know our boys have each other for the ride.”

The agency is hosting an online information on Friday 6 October where residents can sign up to hear more from the team and other adopters and have your questions answered.

Adopt North East have children waiting for their forever home right now. Find out more at www.adoptnortheast.org.uk